New Features

These are the most important new features:

• Button Sub-Object – Ability to place buttons on a Slide to collect a mouse/joystick/touch response
• Slide Choice and Slider Sub-Objects to support multiple survey question types
• Slide Layout Templates – Templates of arrangement of Sub-Objects on a Slide
• Interactive List – Ability to select which List row (e.g., Block or Trial) to run at run time or for debugging purposes
• Quick Start – Ability to start an experiment from any List Object in the experiment structure for debugging purposes
• Windowed Mode – Ability to run an experiment in a floating window for debugging purposes
• Property Find and Replace – Ability to find/replace Object properties in an experiment
• Auto-generate text data files with columns of interest
• Subroutines in Task Events – Ability to create conditional Task Events using subroutines
• FFmpeg – Provides improved audio/video playback and load time
• Run time support for tablet and touchscreens
• New Task Events
• Bug Fixes
• Improved user interface
• Online Documentation
• Improved Getting Started Guide
• E-Prime Command Reference

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