New license prices

E-Prime 3 has only one edition, no differences between Standard and Professional anymore. There is just E-Prime 3 with all functionality! Please find the E-Prime 3 prices below.

If you would prefer an exact price for your demands, you can quickly fill in the Quotation Request and get a quote within 1-4 business hours.

Number of usersE-Prime 3E-Prime 3 networkOrder
1 user€ 843minumum of 10 userssa-shoppingcart-blue
2 users€ 1688minumum of 10 userssa-shoppingcart-blue
3 users€ 2529minumum of 10 userssa-shoppingcart-blue
4 users€ 3372minumum of 10 userssa-shoppingcart-blue
5 users€ 4216minumum of 10 userssa-shoppingcart-blue
10 users€ 8430€6740sa-shoppingcart-blue
15 users€ 12645€ 8850sa-shoppingcart-blue
20 users€ 16860€ 10080sa-shoppingcart-blue
40 users€ 33720€ 16840sa-shoppingcart-blue
80 users€ 67440€ 26960sa-shoppingcart-blue
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