Feature Overview

E-Prime® is the most comprehensive software available for behavioral research. Build your own experiments using E-Prime’s easy-to-use graphical interface. Design, collect, and analyze data – all within a few hours! With more than 100,000 users in research institutions and laboratories in over 60 countries, E-Prime is the world-leading behavioral experiment software. E-Prime provides a truly easy-to-use environment for computerized experiment design, data collection, and analysis. E-Prime provides millisecond precision timing to ensure the accuracy of your data. E-Prime’s flexibility to create simple to complex experiments is ideal for both novice and advanced users.

The E-Prime suite of applications includes:

  • E-Studio – Drag and drop graphical interface for experiment design.
  • E-Basic – Underlying scripting language of E-Prime (nearly identical to Visual Basic for Applications™).
  • E-Run – Once experiment design is complete, a single mouse click generates it into an E-Basic script. E-Run then affords you the millisecond precision of stimulus presentation, synchronizations, and data collection.
  • E-Merge – Quickly and easily combines your single session data files for group analysis.
  • E-DataAid – Data management utility that allows you to filter, edit, analyze, and export your data.
  • E-Recovery – Recovers data files in the event of early terminated experiments, or lost or corrupted files.

Feature overview

Experiment Presentation
Support for tablets and touchscreens*
Run desired List rows at runtime with Interactive order selection*
Improved Audio/Video playback and load times*
Run an experiment in a floating window with Windowed Mode*
Start an experiment from any List object*
Display images in .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, gif, .png, .tif, .tiff, .emf, .wmf formats
Play movies in .avi, .divx, .m1v, .mkv, .mp4, .mpeg, .mpg, .wmv formats*
Play multiple movies simultaneously on critical timing trials
Play audio files in .wav, .mp3, .wma formats*
Play audio files longer than 100 seconds
Present non-English stimuli using UNICODE-based fonts
Use multiple monitor displays
Select a monitor on which to display the entire experiment
Select a monitor on which to display each Toolbox or Canvas object
Record subject vocalizations using the SoundIn object
Record subject vocalizations 10 seconds or longer
User Support
Access web support, free minor updates, and service packs for 3 years
Access online resources including Knowledge Base, Experiment Library, Samples, Tutorials, How To Videos, and User Forum*
Access the E-Prime Command Reference and online documentation*
Experiment Design
SlideButton sub-object for an area of response collection without using script*
SlideChoice sub-object to design multiple choice surveys, recognitions, recalls*
SlideSlider sub-object to design scales and sliders*
Slide Layout Templates for quick design*
Experiment design templates*
Run an experiment in floating window for quicker debugging*
Interactively run List rows for debugging purposes*
Access Full and User Script in the Structure window*
Improved interface with tabbed workspace and easier access to windows*
Find and replace properties in an experiment*
Create conditional Task Events using subroutines in User Script*
Automatically generate text data files upon completion of experiment*
Save a definition of columns of interest in E-DataAid*
Correct, Incorrect, Omission Task Events*
Check for Update checks web and prompts when updates are available*
Select from a dropdown of choices (ScriptSense™) for property, method, and data types after typing a period “.” in an InLine object or user script (similar to IntelliSense™ in Microsoft environments). Updated in E-Prime 3.0 with new properties and methods.*
View Property Tooltips when hovering over items in Structure view
Add Certified package files (from PST and industrial partners) to an experiment
Add user-authored package files to an experiment
Specify settings (e.g. screen resolution, subject number) in .startupInfo file using the StartupInfo editor to allow for dynamic processing of experiment, without the need to regenerate or edit experiment file.
Select from a dropdown of choices for attributes (AttribSense™) after opening a square bracket “[” in a TextDisplay or SlideText or using c.GetAttrib in an InLine object (similar to IntelliSense™ in Microsoft environments)
Specify properties to be based on a scheme value (e.g. all TextDisplay and SlideText objects should use Arial font)
Search and replace properties on objects with one value for another (e.g. change all BackColor values to black)
Access the Experiment Design Advisor to assist with common design errors
Ability to change background color/customize startup info screen
Load and transfer external values into experiment via StartupInfo
Create user PackageFiles using the PackageFile editor
Name and Tag properties on all E-Object property pages
Ability to copy/paste Objects in E-Studio
Ability to copy or clone SlideStates
Current line bookmarked for compile and runtime errors
Ability to use Shift+Delete to remove Objects from Structure
Ability to specify location path for data file
Double click E-Run files to start automatically
E-Merge can filter by file extension
Multiple experiments can be open at same time
E-Studio makes backup copy of experiment file
Interfacing with External Devices
Use script device to execute script in a Task Event*
Use serial port device in an experiment
Use multiple serial port devices per experiment
Use parallel port device in an experiment
Use multiple parallel port devices per experiment
Communicate with a network socket device (Ethernet)
Use multiple network socket devices per experiment
Communicate with a joystick device using X/Y coordinates and 4 response buttons
Use multiple joystick devices per experiment with input mask ability, X/Y coordinates, 8 response buttons, 2 slider controls, and 2 point-of-view controls
Specify a device to use at Onset/Offset time of an object and specify the duration (in milliseconds) of a corresponding signal pulse
Installation Options
Connect one hardware key to a network to allow the specified number of seats to simultaneously access E-Studio (Network License)
Configure and push out E-Prime installations using .msi file and msiexec
Configure installation settings such as Check for Update prompts and silent registration/setup
Use network management applications such as SMS and GPO
Subject station installation option
Supports MSIEXEC /qn and /qb silent installation options
Version 3.0 can exist on same machine as versions 2.0 and 1.x

* New or updated in E-Prime 3.0