Extensions for SMI

extensions for smiE-Prime® Extensions for SMI adds eye gaze and eye movement capabilities to existing and novel E-Prime experiments. Create new paradigms with E-Studio’s graphical design interface and connect with flexible Remote Eye Tracking technologies by SensoMotoric Instruments.

  • Create interactive or passive eye tracking paradigms
  • Create paradigms which change based on participant eye gaze data, AOI hit tests, fixation and user interaction
  • Combine eye gaze data with E-Prime condition data for powerful analysis
  • Train participants to fixate and control eye movements
  • Give feedback on vigilance or attentive behaviors
  • Supports diagnostic and interactive studies:
    • Face perception and recognition
    • Infant studies
    • Reading (sliding window)
    • Attention patterns and behavior
    • Visual search
    • Scene recognition

SMI Eye Trackers

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) provides remote and wearable eye tracking solutions for studies in the laboratory, in real-life and in virtual environments.


SMI RED250mobile – Portable, contact-free 250 Hz eye tracking laboratory


SMI REDn Scientific – Portable, contact-free eye tracker with extra large headbox



SMI RED500 – Contact-free eye tracker with high speed capabilities



SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w – Mobile eye tracking for daily life scenarios


SMI Eye Tracking HMD Upgrade for the Oculus Rift DK2 – Eye tracking in virtual reality

KeyVisual_SMI Experiment Suite Scientific_final

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific – Dedicated software for eye tracking research


  • Allows for the use of SMI Remote Eye Tracking as straightforward input device for E-Prime
  • Supports multiple AOIs; regions are defined dynamically as stimuli are drawn to the screen
  • Supports dynamic definitions of fixation and dwell time
  • Enables current paradigms to use eye tracking to corroborate participant compliance, fixation, and cognitive strategies
  • Enables paradigms to show feedback for training purposes
  • Start and stop trials contingent on eye gaze, fixation, or eye movement criterion
  • Adds SMI eye tracking control directly to the E-Studio experiment design environment
  • Provides script library to allow additional run time processing of data
  • Enables calibration inside or outside of E-Prime
  • Allows the overlay of eye gaze data with your E-Prime stimuli
  • Start and stop eye tracker to collect data selectively
  • Filter participant data based on eye gaze, fixation, validity, and eye movements