E-Prime YouTube Channel

Would you like to see in E-Prime in action? PST has a YouTube channel, where you have a look at many topics.

Basic Topics

E-Prime Installation
Preparing Data Collection Computers for E-Prime Research
Professional to Standard Experiment (.es2) File Conversion
Close All Windows
View Menu
Find and Replace
Display Resolution
SoundIn (Recording Sound)
Count vs. Total in E-DataAid


Intermediate/Advanced Topics

Nested Lists
Startup Info and Devices
Factor Table Wizard
E-Prime Extensions for fMRI Package Call
E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Package Call
Advanced Attributes
c.SetAttrib Command

Production Release New Feature Topics

Upgrading to the Production Release
Experiment Advisor
Task Events
E-Run Test
Toolbox Defaults
Multiple Correct Answers

List Object Topics

List Object Property Page
List Object: Reset/Exit Tab
Order Options for Lists

Slide Object Topics

Slide Object and Sub Object Options
Slide State Creation
Active Slide State

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