Chronos Hardware

Chronos hardware

Special offer – 10% off  – when returning your current PST Serial Response Box, you will get a 10% discount on the new Chronos Box, offering much more features than the old SR Box. Use coupon code Chronos2018.

Please find prices of Chronos hardware below. Ordering 5 or more Chronos Boxes entitles you to an extra 10% discount.

If you would prefer an exact price for your demands, or spare money by bundling software and hardware,  you can quickly fill in the Quotation Request and get a quote within 2 business hours.

Chronos box€ 673sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos I/O Expander€ 212sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos Custom Expansion Kit93sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos Single Foot Pedal80sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos Double Foot Pedal148sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos Expansion Bundle419sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos LED Red5sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos LED Yellow5sa-shoppingcart-blue
Chronos LED Green5sa-shoppingcart-blue
Potentiometer, slide21sa-shoppingcart-blue
Potentiometer, rotary30sa-shoppingcart-blue
Pushbutton switch9sa-shoppingcart-blue
Microphone Handheld, dynamic26sa-shoppingcart-blue
Headset with Microphone22sa-shoppingcart-blue
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