Chronos Box

Chronos Box – A Multifunctional Response and Stimulus Device

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The Chronos Box is a powerful new USB-based response and stimulus device for accurate collection and verification of tactile, auditory, visual, and analog response timing along with the precise source of audio and generic analog output timing. Chronos features sub-millisecond accuracy and consistent sound output latencies across machines. The Chronos Box includes 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, eliminating the need for a parallel port. All responses collected are synchronous to the E-Prime® time domain. Multiple Chronos devices can be connected to a single PC.

The Chronos system includes a Microphone and Photo Sensor

chronos_photosensorThe Photo Sensor can be used on CRT, LCD, and projection displays to detect stimulus onset events, refreshes, and measure rise and fall times. The Photo Sensor accessory (included) can be used on CRT, LCD, and projection displays to detect stimulus onset events, refreshes, and measure rise and fall times. All responses collected are synchronous to the E-Prime® time domain.
The Chronos graphical user interface allows for user-friendly implementation of the system’s wide range of features.

The Chronos Box also introduces a large set of Task Events to facilitate the design of basic to complex experiments without the use of script (E-Prime 2.0 Professional).

Chronos Box Response Features:

-5 buttons
-16 digital inputs*

Voice key
– 2 foot pedals (accessories)
– n-key rollover
– Programmable debounce intervals
– Audio Recording
– Stream and save vocal responses
– Start recording at object onset OR when speaking begins


– Sound-activated response (voice key)
– Condenser- or dynamic- microphone compatible
– Configurable audio input gain
– Configurable threshold settings for incoming audio responses and recording
– Detect sound to silence (offset threshold/post-silence interval)
Analog Input*

– 3 Analog Inputs (plus Photo Sensor) with configurable onset and offset thresholds

Chronos Stimulus Presentation Features:

– 5 LEDs with programmable RGB color values (>4,000 colors per LED)
– Assign color values as response mapping verification, stimuli, or as feedback based on accuracy

Audio Output
– Present auditory stimuli with accurate and precise sound output latencies of 1 ms (Mix Mode 1) or a fixed latency of 6 ms (Mix Mode 2) across different machine hardware

Configurable onset and offset output thresholds per channel

Digital Output*
– 16 Digital Outputs

Analog Output*
– 4 Analog Outputs
Generate sine, saw tooth, square, triangle, and custom waveforms

Pulse Generator*
– Generate square waveforms of configurable frequency

*This feature requires separate purchase of the Chronos I/O Expander for full functionality

The following Chronos accessories are sold separately:

 1. I/O Expander

– Required for full capability of external analog and digital I/O
– Push release wire terminal block for each I/O connection (16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 1 pulse generator, digital powers and grounds, 3 analog inputs, 4 analog outputs, analog grounds)
– A 40-pin IDC Header for carrying all digital I/O on a single ribbon cable
– Pivoting removable wiring cover

2. Custom Expansion Kit


– Includes protoyping board, interface cables, mounting hardware, and enclosure
– Requires I/O Expander
– LEDs, switches, and dials are available to configure customization of up to 16 inputs and outputs

3. Foot Pedal

– Single or dual

hardware_footpedal hardware_footpedal_double

Chronos Machine Requirements

Chronos is compatible with PCs running:
Windows® 8/8.1 64-bit
Windows® 7 SP1 32 and 64-bit
Chronos minimum machine configuration:
Pentium compatible Dual-Core or Multi-Core Processor 2GHz
USB 2.0 or 3.0 Port or powered hub port
E-Prime 2.0 SP1 Standard/Professional